ED lab INC
Robin Randall

International District
Village Square

“Multicultural, Intergenerational, Collaborative
Village Square”

Architect: Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership
Senior Designer: Robin Randall
Photography: Pete Eckert,
Eckert & Eckert Photography
Client: Seattle Chinatown-International District
Preservation and Development Authority

Completed in 1997
Science of Learning:
Serving 27,000 people from 45 different ethnic groups, the village square creates a multicultural, intergenerational, collaborative center that connects neighbor to neighbor, links non-profit groups to one another and the community, and establishes a national model. 75 units of assisted and independent living are housed in the northern wing, taking advantage of city and Puget Sound views. The southern office wing accommodates public non-profit agencies that provide neighborhood services. Central to the courtyard is the health care center and dining facilities for the assisted living tenants.

Language of Nature:
Previously a neglected bus barn, the property was a brown field site in need of clean up. After the required remediation the site was blessed by Buddhist monks. Located in the underutilized southeastern corner of the International District, this project has become an anchor for development. The architectural inspiration for this project was a village, complete with a central courtyard facing west for good Feng Shui.

Art of Innovation:
The dining facility for the assisted living tenants, overlooks the courtyard and the day care playground. Intergenerational programs planned take place in an accessible community meeting rooms off both facilities. The courtyard provides a gathering space for the community, seasonal markets, and international district celebrations.