ED lab INC
Robin Randall

Perry Community Education

“Bridging a Wooded Ravine”

Architect: Perkins + Will
Projet Designer: Robin Randall
Photography: Hedrich Blessing
Client: Perry Local School District

Completed in 1995
Science of Learning:
Perry Community Education Village consists of four elements: a school for kindergarten through grade 4, a middle school for grades 5 through 8, a high school for grades 9 through 12, and a physical education and community fitness center. A consistent "kit of parts" of architectural form types is employed to bring order to the complex program as a series of understandable parts. Learners of all strategies find places to explore and be inspired by design excellence.

Language of Nature:
A wooded ravine, a branch of Red Mill Creek, separates the lower grades and upper grades and an enclosed pedestrian suspension bridge symbolizes educational progress as students move throughout the campus. Fan shaped fine arts wings terrace toward the ravine and take advantage of the wooded views. Formal courtyards are formed by the classroom linear lofts and circulations components, allowing natural light to penetrate all learning environments and creating outdoor classrooms.

Art of Innovation:
A hierarchy of forms punctuate the campus, the tallest of these is the entry bell tower which doubles as a communication tower. The fly loft of the auditorium, the second tallest structure, includes a curved shaped roof to house mechanical and structural elements. Convex acoustical clouds cascade above the auditorium seating, housing catwalks and theatrical lighting. Pools of natural light accentuate circulation patterns along grids and axes which restructures the landscape through a highly ordered architectural intervention.

Perkins + Will Awards:
  • 1996 National American Institute of Architecture, Honor Award for Architecture