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“Sustainable Schools as Living Laboratories for Education and Community Outreach,” Greening the Heartland; Building Community, Indianapolis, IN, Panel Moderator and Speaker, May 2012.

“Inspired to Learn; Nurturing the Naturalistic Learner,” Greening of the Campus IX; Building Pedagogy, Ball State University, Muncie, IN, March 2012.

“Inspired to Learn: Innovation in Educational Design,” Ball State University, College of Architecture and Planning, Muncie, IN, October 2011 Alumni Symposium.

“Learning Landscapes,” American Institute of Architects, Committee on Architecture of Education, Chicago, IL, National Webinar presented November 30, 2011.
Learning Landscapes - John Dale, Linda Keane, Marjorie Hess, Robin Randall

“What Inspires Me – The Design Process,” American Institute of Architects Northeast Illinois, Geneva, IL, Design Committee Presentation, July 2011.
What Inspires Me - The Design Process - Robin Randall

“Considering Elements of Design in Educational Spaces,” Seton Montessori School, Clarendon Hills, IL, Administrator Seminar Workshop Organizer and Presenter, February 2011.
Architecture as Play, Seton Montessori Planning Process - Robin Randall - FGM

“Mathematics in Architecture,” Power House High School, Chicago, IL, November 2010.
Mathematics in Architecture, Power House High School - Robin Randall - FGM

“Environmentally Responsible Architecture for Schools,” Hickory Creek Middle School, Frankfort School District 157-C, Frankfort, IL, May 2010.
Environmentally Responsible Architecture for Schools - Robin Randall - FGM

“Eight Strategies for Middle School Design,” National Organization of Middle Schools Conference, Philadelphia, PA, 2005.
Eight Strategies for Middle School Design - August Battaglia, Robin Randall - FGM

Career Fair at River Trails Middle School - Robin Randall - FGM

Holy Family Lutheran School, Chicago Building Congress - Award Boards - FGM

Holy Family Lutheran School, Chicago Building Congress Presentation - FGM

Mother McAuley Liberal Arts School, Chemistry Lab Board - FGM

Science Classroom Design - Robin Randall - FGM